Friday, July 24, 2009

Libel Suit Filed

Princeton, NJ.

Sinclair Blande, father of alleged Satin Strangler Destiny Blande, has filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Horace Krouch, accusing his daughter’s criminal defense attorney of libel with regard to the widely publicized book If She Did It.

“The book is a condemnation of my daughter and our family name,” Blande stated. “He was the one she chose to defend her, for chrissakes, but instead he is declaring her guilty and capitalizing on her demise. Krouch says the book is not about Destiny, but everyone knows it is meant to be her story, even if it appears on the fiction shelves at the bookstore.”

The book’s opening chapter, Finding the First Victim, begins with the line, “You never forget your first kill.” The lead character, Daphne Blain, shows an obvious, in fact indistinguishable, resemblance to Blande in both name and appearance. Daphne stalks potential male prey through a bar, licking her lips like a lupine nymphomaniac, and thinking, “Any of these men would be fun to sleep with and even more fun to kill.” The chapter ends as she selects a blonde crew cut waiter closely reminiscent of the Satin Strangler’s first victim, Phillip Stewart.

The timing of real life events is indeed bizarre. Blande’s acquittal in criminal court was quickly followed by the announcement of the civil suit filed against her by Satin Strangler victim Edgar Stahl’s family. Krouch then released the first two chapters of his book as blog entries on his website over the last few weeks. Krouch plans to follow these two on-line teaser chapters with a hard copy release worldwide.

Sinclair Blande’s lawsuit would only seem to complicate matters for his daughter. We can barely speculate what will happen next; so far we’ve been getting it all wrong with this one. How will all these distractions affect the wrongful death civil case against Blande’s infamous daughter Destiny? Will Krouch’s story ever make it to press? Your guess is a good as ours.

We’ll keep giving you the dirt on this one.


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