Sunday, October 11, 2009

Most Eligible Bachelorette

People magazine may not have the guts. And forget about all those teeny bopper magazines. But here at The New Jersey Dirt, we have already selected our most eligible bachelorette of 2009. No need to wait until December. Using our criteria of sex appeal, AAA ratings on the paparazzi A-list, lifestyle, and wealth/earning potential, this year’s bachelorette, as selected by a record 24 of 26 members of our staff, is . . .

The Satin Strangler, Destiny Blande.

You may know her as that mild mannered office assistant from Neon Lights Advertising, or perhaps the lustful inspiration behind her lawyer’s book If She Did It, but most of us simply know and love her as high profile serial murderer Destiny Blande. Whether on a wild night on the town, or in a more intimate setting, she captivates her dates. She’s left a trail of now-famous men. She’s hot. She’s the latest craze. She’s exhilaration that will leave you gasping for air.

How would you like to win a date with Destiny? Well, we cannot actually promise a date with her. Similar to the rest of the media, we have yet to meet her. But if we did have a contest and you won, where would you take her? Please answer the survey below for a chance to win a $5 gift certificate to our on-line store.

SURVEY: Where would you take Destiny Blande on a first date?

A. Victoria’s Secret
B. Jekyll and Hyde’s Restaurant, NYC
C. Pink Pussycat shopm NYC
D. Your apartment
E. Bon Jovi concert


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