Thursday, December 24, 2009

Battle over Satin Strangler Rights

Princeton, NJ.

Sinclair Blande appears to be switching gears.

In recent months, Blande fought to prove that attorney Horace Krouch was guilty of libel in his New York Times best selling book, If She Did It. After losing the liable case, Blande has decided to sue Krouch on behalf of his daughter for the rights to the name “Satin Strangler” instead.

Blande is setting out to prove that his daughter Destiny has gained the rights to the Satin Strangler title. Although Destiny Blande was acquitted in the criminal case, she later lost a costly decision to Satin Strangler victim Edgar Stahl’s family in a civil suit. Early speculation was that Sinclair Blande was trying to establish a revenue stream to fund his daughter’s 38 million dollar civil damages to the Stahls. Instead, he has vowed to shut down all Satin Strangler branded enterprises, starting with Krouch’s book and upcoming Broadway play.

“Mister Krouch’s actions are damaging to our family,” Blande told reporters. “If the courts do not feel that he has been lying about my daughter, then our only option is to win the rights to his subject matter. He is a parasite. I won’t stop until we shut him up and shut him down.”

Destiny Blande, as always, was not available for comment.

Horace Krouch, who has apparently bounced back to his typical gregarious form since winning the liable case, provided a mouthful to reporters: “Well, is she the Satin Strangler or not? Even her father cannot determine an incontrovertible response to that question. Yesterday she was. Today she is not. While in pursuit of my money through his frivolous libel suit, he assured us of her innocence. Now he will have us believe that she is the Satin Strangler and also possesses of the rights to the name. Magnificent! My humble advice to Mr. Blande would be to focus on his parenting skills, rather than on my money.”

Krouch seems to know the dirt this time, and now so do you.


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