Saturday, April 24, 2010

Court Denies Blande Again

Trenton, NJ.

Sinclair Blande may be out of cards to play.

The advertising executive has been in battles with his daughter’s criminal defense attorney, Horace Krouch, during the last year. First Blande sued Krouch for libel over the book, If She Did It, a presumably fictitious depiction of the Satin Strangler. Blande claimed that the lead character too closely resembled his daughter, Destiny Blande, who was acquitted of criminal charges but lost a civil case involving the Satin Strangler murders.

When Blande’s libel suit failed, he began fighting Krouch over the rights to the name “Satin Strangler.” He claimed the rights to all of Krouch’s Satin Strangler related ventures, vowing to halt all further book sales and prevent the opening of the Broadway play this weekend. A federal court ruled against Blande today, however, deciding that the Satin Strangler is now part of the public domain and “cannot be owned by either individual or anyone else.”

“This was an easy one,” Krouch commented while exiting the courtroom today. “Hopefully Mr. Blain is finished playing games. Come visit us on Broadway for the premiere on Friday night. Let the show begin.” We are not sure whether the reference to Blain, Krouch’s supposedly fictitious character, was a Freudian slip or an added dig at the defeated plaintiff.

For the first time in months of battling Krouch, Sinclair Blande was not available for comment. A family friend who wished to remain anonymous reported that the advertising executive has been under great stress from these legal battles and is suffering from severe fatigue.

That’s the dirt from the state capital.


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