Saturday, May 1, 2010

Edgar Stahl's Body Found

Are the rumors true this time? Breaking news through the Associated Press reports that the not so deceased Edgar Stahl has turned up on St. Maarten in the Virgin Islands.

The owner of Stahl’s Demolition disappeared nearly two years ago from Sea View, New Jersey. Stahl’s presumed murder helped feed the media blitz surrounding accused Satin Strangler Destiny Blande, who was tried for the crime. Blande, who is still generally assumed to be the Satin Strangler, was nonetheless acquitted of criminal charges. The prosecution in the case relied heavily on surveillance footage of Blande entering Stahl’s boat, where the demolition man was last seen, as well as DNA evidence linking her to the scene of the supposed crime. Their inability to produce a murder weapon, a witness, or even a body proved insurmountable, however.

Stahl’s family later sued Blande in a civil case for wrongful death, winning $38 million in damages.

Satin Strangler fans have had a field day with the Stahl story. The internet spawned numerous new websites dedicated to the demolition man and countless on-line posts using Stahl’s name as a signature. In fact, there have been so many Stahl “wanna-bes” posting comments on bulletin boards and blog sites that today’s reports from St. Maarten were initially dismissed as being fabricated.

Police in St. Maarten report that Stahl was arrested for unpaid moped parking tickets. The United States is now working with French authorities to extradite the former murder victim, who is in debt for more than two million dollars back in New Jersey. Stahl certainly has far more to worry about from creditors and the legal system than a few moped tickets.

The impact that this will have on the Destiny Blande civil case award is yet to be determined. Blande has not been seen since the murders of Horace Krouch and Barabbas Sabbarab, and nobody from the previously vocal Stahl family can be found for comment.


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