Monday, September 22, 2008

Krouch to Represent Blande

Sea View, NJ.

New Jersey once again owns the hottest news story in the country. A native resident of the state, Destiny Blande, remains behind bars, accused of the Satin Strangler murders. The latest breaking news on this story will turn it up another notch. Blande has selected high profile defense attorney Horace Krouch to represent her case.

Krouch touts himself as a self-made success story. He was 5 years old when his father, attorney Herbert Krouch, Esq., hung himself in their New York City apartment. His mother Victoria never recovered from the event. She was later hospitalized for undisclosed psychiatric conditions when Horace was 12, and passed away a few years later. Horace was sent to live with his cousins near Exeter, New Hampshire. He completed his undergraduate and law school studies at Yale, including a year as editor of the prestigious Yale Law Review. After graduation, he worked as a public defender in New York City before leaving to establish one of the world’s premier criminal law practices. He has accumulated an extensive winning record in high profile cases, most often representing female defendants.

Krouch became a household name after the Gloria Watson case 5 years ago. Watson, a wife and mother of two from Syracuse, New York, was accused of shooting six men during a three week killing spree. Evidence against Watson was stacked, including DNA evidence at all crime scenes, motives, numerous eye witnesses, and the coup de grace - video of her fleeing the scene of the last murder. Krouch somehow threaded together enough evidence to have Watson acquitted, creating a public conundrum reminiscent of the aftermath of the O.J. Simpson case.

Krouch, who is physically bigger than life in both stature and girth, now bears a legend to match as the most highly touted criminal defense attorney in the country. Depicted in several biographies and all but deified in Watson’s best-selling autobiography, Acquitted, Krouch now hobnobs with the rich and famous. He blogs and tweets for his “faithful followers,” serves as guest editor for numerous magazines and law journals, and regularly makes television appearances.

Last year Krouch made three cameo appearances on Law and Order. Each episode revealed whiter teeth, a darker tan, and a little less gray in Krouch’s slicked back Gordon Gecko hair. His eyebrows were even a little higher above his ever present sun glasses and moved much less in the last episode, raising speculation that the lawyer caught the plastic surgery bug. The focus on appearance has not made it down to his body, which is still as well fed as ever.

Krouch now only takes on cases of “personal interest.” During the last 5 years, he has only represented six women, each with fairly straightforward approaches to their defense. At first glance the Satin Strangler case seems a perfect fit for Krouch, with Blande facing seemingly insurmountable odds for some of the most publicized murders of our time. There is, after all, no better opportunity to stay in the spotlight. But in this case, what does he have to gain? The expectation is that he will win every time. With Destiny Blande, a loss seems inevitable. Why create a chink in the armor and tarnish a nearly perfect legal career.

Keep coming back so we can bring you the dirt on how Krouch does with this one.


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