Sunday, September 14, 2008

Satin Strangler Arrested

Sea View, NJ.

Police have arrested a suspect in the Satin Strangler case. Responding to a tip from a front desk clerk at the Oceanview Motel, police broke down the door of room #7 where the suspect, Destiny Blande, was staying.

Police Chief Robert McHugh reported that Blande is the person in the Sea View Marina surveillance video the night of Edgar Stahl’s disappearance. Stahl is still missing and presumed dead, the latest in a string of as many as 40 Satin Strangler victims. Police are running forensics on DNA evidence potentially linking Blande to the scene of the crime on Stahl’s boat.

“It will be a relief to all of the victims’ families,” McHugh said. “At least they can find comfort in knowing that their loved ones’ killer is behind bars.”

Blande’s Facebook profile states that she was an administrative assistant at Neon Lights, a Princeton advertising agency owned by her father, Sinclair Blande, until the spring of this year. The 23 year old alleged serial killer was born on May 1st, 1985, in West Windsor, NJ. She grew up in nearby Mount Rose, NJ, and attended Mount Rose High School and later Rutgers University, where she earned a BA in Marketing. Friends listed on Facebook include only her father Sinclair and her sister Cheryl. Her marital status is listed as single.

Blande is an amateur photographer and an expert on Stagmomantis carolina, the Carolina praying mantis, the subject of her current Master of Science study at Rutgers University’s night school. Blande has recently been traveling the eastern seaboard studying the mating behavior of these tiny creatures. Police have placed her in the general vicinity of at least three Satin Strangler murders along the east coast.

The sleepy New Jersey beach town of Sea View is reeling from the news. Amy Beluga, a waitress at the nearby Bait and Bagel restaurant who witnessed the arrest stated, “She is not at all what I expected. She’s pretty enough, but she’s kind of quiet looking, more like an average person than a killer. There must be a lot of firepower hidden away in that little body. You can see it in her eyes. They’re green and sparkly like cat eyes.” She shuddered and then continued, “It’s scary that a killer like that was right here in our town. I had no idea, but I definitely feel safer now that she’s been arrested.”

Warren Grey, the judge assigned to the hearing on Tuesday, stated, “I need to review the details of the case before commenting. I can guarantee you, however, that she will be punished to the full extent of the law. If found guilty, of course.”

Our crew was one of the first to the scene, but reporters from across the country have been rushing to the jail in Sea View, NJ, where Blande is being held.

We will give you more dirt on this case as it unfolds over the ensuing hours and days.


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